Events with impact and demonstrable results

We want to help organizers and their facilitating partners to design their events and services in such a way that they provide optimum added value.
And make this demonstrable!

A successful event adds value for everyone involved. That goes beyond a good experience at the meeting itself. A successful event enables both the organizer and the participants to achieve their objectives, whether it concerns (offering) education, information, relationship management, networking or a combination thereof.

Our vision

We believe it is possible to demonstrate the value of events. This requires expertise to determine what to measure and how.

An event evaluation has value when it is clear what the objectives of the stakeholders involved in the events are, how these can be translated into measurable criteria and in which way we can derive insight from it.

Only then it is possible to ask the right questions that lead to demonstrable value.

Our approach

We help organizations to formulate clear objectives for their events and translate them into what we call ‘Event Performance Indicators (EPI’s)’. These are the concrete, measurable indicators to demonstrate the value of your event.

We help you shape the event evaluations in such a way that they provide the right feedback and valuable insights to further improve your events and organization.

Our expertise

We combine our knowledge of evaluation techniques with almost 30 years of experience in organizing, accommodating and facilitating congresses and events.
Our advice creates the difference!

Our goal is to completely unburden our clients in the development, implementation and feedback of surveys and effect measurements.

For organizers

Have you exceeded the expectations of your participants? Have the objectives of the conference or event been achieved? Do your stakeholders look back on a successful event? What are the demonstrable effects of the event?
The answers to these questions determine the value of a meeting.

Read more about the benefits and opportunities we offer organizers to create valuable insights with professional and effective event surveys.

For accommodations

You are a professional player in your field. You make every effort to provide the best possible service to your clients and guests on a daily basis. You know that extremely satisfied clients are mor elikely to come back to you for a new booking.

Have you exceeded your client’s expectations? Have the meeting objectives been met?
The answers to these questions determine the added value of your organization.

Read more about the solutions MeetingMonitor offers venues to create a fast and effective customer survey plan.

For suppliers

In the meetings that you facilitate, you strive for quality, because you want to offer your clients and their attendees an optimal experience. You know that extremely satisfied clients you provided real added value, lead to even closer partnerships.

Have you exceeded your client’s expectations? How well did you contribute to achieving the objectives of the meetings? What are opportunities to be of even more added value?
The answers to these questions are the key to the success of your organization.

Learn more about the benefits and solutions we provide to eent suppliers for fast and valuable customer survey approach.

Wie zijn wij?

MeetingMonitor is onderdeel van Qmatters, een eigentijdse en onafhankelijke organisatie, gespecialiseerd in het meten en verbeteren van klantbeleving.

Via een onderscheidende aanpak in onderzoek, training, coaching en advies levert Qmatters een bijdrage aan het duurzaam verbeteren van de klantbeleving en daarmee het imago van organisaties.

MeetingMonitor richt zich specifiek op de ondersteuning van organisaties in de meeting industrie om (online) bijeenkomsten met meer waarde te kunnen organiseren. Wij brengen de performance, beleving én impact objectief in kaart en tonen de waarde van elk event aan.