Have you exceeded your client’s expectations?

How well did you contribute to the meeting objectives?

Where are opportunities to deliver even more added value?

The answers to these questions are the key to the success of your organization.

From insight to lasting development

You want to lead the way and provide services that optimally support your clients to make their events impactful. Satisfied clients where you can deliver real added value lead to even closer partnerships.

Together with your customers you can provide services that optimally match their wishes and needs. Customer surveys give you the insights you need to continuously develop your organization.

Your success is our success!

MeetingMonitor is specialized in measuring customer experience online and creating lasting relationships with customers. Our goal is to make an optimal contribution to the image and return of your organization, because: your success our success!

We focus on supporting customer-oriented organizations by measuring the customer experience in an objective and detailed manner. We are happy to conduct our Return On Investment-oriented Customer Experience Survey for you. In addition, we gladly assist you with the development of your organization through our result-oriented training and advice.

Do you want to know what really moves your customers?

Via online customer experience surveys, your clients are invited to share their feedback. In this way, we continuously monitor the experience with your products / services, employees and hospitality, but also the needs and expectations of your customers and the degree of ambassadorship. 

By sharing these insights with your employees, you give them the responsibility to enter into a dialogue with customers in follow-up conversations and to build sustainable relationships. Building on Customer Excellence, the ultimate customer experience and loyal customers. The result? Ambassadors who recommend you to others, resulting in growth.

Our Vision

We believe in creating lasting customer relationships and ambassadorship as the basis for sustainable growth and return. A measuring instrument that stimulates your employees in generating loyal customers would fit in seamlessly with this. 

It is our belief that organizations can build the best customer relationships by working together as real partners to continuously create tailor-made solutions and win-win relationships. Important for is to only ‘do what is necessary’. We base this on a thorough understanding of the wishes and expectations of your clients.

The value of a customer experience survey via MeetingMonitor?

Feedback must be actionable in such a way that everyone in the organization can understand it and translate it to their own role. By using the satisfaction measurement as part of your total quality policy, the results also offer the opportunity to enter into personal follow-up contacts, allowing you to create new commercial opportunities. The insights from each survey help you to engage with your customers on a deeper and more substantive level.


Motivation tool

  • Appreciation for where you stand out as a team and organization

Development tool

  • Valuable 1-on-1 insights about how customers experience your organization
  • Insight into causes and opportunities that lead to more satisfaction and effect

Control instrument

  • Management insights helping to optimize performance and results

Interaction & sales instrument

  • Opportunity to engage in more valuable and forward-looking conversations with your customers and enhance your value as a partner
  • Opportunity to gain insight into the needs and wishes of clients and convert them into new or additional services
  • Take the sting out of a situation and enter into a well-prepared and solution-oriented discussion (in case of dissatisfaction / complaints)

Committed and customized

No organization is the same. That is why we do not believe in standard surveys. We approach every assignment from a blank canvas. We start from the vision and values ​​of your organization, link them to your objectives and our expertise. This is how we co-create the most suitable surveys for your organization.

We take care of the rest, from preparation to implementation and feedback.

We guarantee you our very committed guidance, support and service. And we are available 24/7 for support.