Have you exceeded your participants’ expectations?

Have the objectives of the stakeholders of the event been achieved?

What are the demonstrable effects of the event?

The answers to these questions determine the value of your meeting.

Creating added value

Our post-event and effect-surveys measure how your participants (and other stakeholders) experienced the meeting, as well as how valuable it was for them. We create insight into what is important to them and to what extent objectives have been achieved.

We support and inspire you from creating measurable objectives to providing insight into the results achieved.
Our goal is to make an optimal contribution to the image and effectiveness of your meetings and your organization.

We ensure that you can focus on contact with the participants and the realization of your objectives, by taking over all the work surrounding the pre- and post-event evaluations and effect measurements. Imagine how much time you save by not having to collect and process all the data yourself. You will quickly receive the results in customized reports, accompanied with clear and actionable advice.

Proven methodology

MeetingMonitor has developed a practical method that provides easy insight into the value of the different parts of your event. The logistical and content aspects are measured at your desired level of detail. Once translated into Event Indicators it possible to compare your events and monitor development.

In addition to these components, we also zoom in on the objectives and expectations of the stakeholders and the extent to which they have been achieved.

We use the principles of the ROI Methodology of Dr. Jack Philips to objectively determine the (measurement) objectives and to map out the impact of your conference. This enables us to measure at all desired levels and to provide insight into the results.

Complete feedback in just a few steps

We assist you in quickly and efficiently obtaining valuable feedback for your meetings. We unburden you as much as possible and therefore only ask you for the following:


The detailed (conference) program


A short intake call to discuss your needs and objectives


Checking and approving the draft questionnaire


Securely providing us the delegate list

We take care of the rest, from the development of the questionnaire and the execution of the survey to the data processing and reporting.

Clear display of questionnaires

Easy, accessible and fully responsive.

Valuable information through quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Clear and easy to read reports….

Quick insight into actual results.

Clear, actionable and customized reports, tailored to the needs of the recipients.

… And practical advice

Insight into quick wins and development opportunities.

Practical, action-oriented advice and suggestions, aimed at optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your event.


For meeting professionals, by meeting professionals

Based on our almost 30 years of experience in organizing, accommodating and facilitating events, we support you from objectives to advice.

Focused on increasing the value and impact of meetings, congresses and events.

quickly recouped

Based on our principle to only “do what is necessary”, we honestly indicate where and when we can add value for you.

Save time developin, conducting and reporting surveys and keep your expertise and valuable time available to focus on the organization and execution of your meetings.

It's the result that matters!

We are fully focused on increasing the impact and effects of your events! We support you throughout the evaluation process.

Call or email us and we’ll be happy to demonstrate the added value of your meetings and events.

Committed and customized

No organization is the same. That is why we do not believe in standard surveys. We approach every assignment from a blank canvas. We start from the vision and values ​​of your organization, link them to your objectives and our expertise. This is how we co-create the most suitable surveys for your event.

We guarantee you our very committed guidance, support and service. And we are available 24/7 for support.