Have you exceeded your client’s expectations?

Have the objectives of the meeting been met?

How can we do even better next time?

The answers to these questions determine the added value of your organization.

Create insights, add value

In the meetings you facilitate, you strive for service and quality, because you want to offer your clients and their participants an optimal experience. Extremely satisfied clients who get ‘value for money’ are more likely to come back for a new booking.

With our customer surveys, we clearly show how your clients have experienced your services, as well as how important the factors of a well-facilitated meeting are to them.

Measure and improve

MeetingMonitor is part of Qmatters, a contemporary and independent organization, specialized in measuring and improving customer experience. </ p>

With MeetingMonitor, we specifically focus on supporting organizations in the meeting industry to objectively measure the performance and customer experience in order to create meetings with more value. We combine knowledge of survey methods with almost 30 years years of experience in the congress and meeting industry (both accommodating and facilitating, as well as organizing events). </ p>

Through ongoing customer surveys, we collect structured feedback from meeting organizers in your venue. By discussing the results with your customer, you can deepen contact and discuss improvement (and commercial) opportunities for subsequent meetings.

The totalized results from all customer evaluations provide you with a clear picture of the service level and valuation of your venue. With actionable outcomes, so you can start improving.

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The value of customer surveys via MeetingMonitor

Feedback should be actionable, practical and easy to read and interpret for everyone in the organization. By using customer surveys as part of your total quality policy, the outcome also offers the opportunity to proactively enter into a personal follow-up contact, with which commercial opportunities can be created. The insights from each evaluation help you to engage with your customers on a deeper and more substantive level.


Motivation tool

  • Appreciation for where you stand out as a team and organization

Development tool

  • Valuable 1-on-1 insights about how customers experience your venue
  • Insight into opportunities that lead to more satisfaction and effect

Control instrument

  • Management insights helping to optimize performance and results

Interaction & sales instrument

  • Opportunity to engage in more valuable and forward-looking conversations with your customers and increase the value of your venue and as a partner
  • Opportunity to gain insight into the needs and wishes of clients and convert them into new or additional services
  • Take the sting out of a situation and enter into a well-prepared and solution-oriented discussion (in case of dissatisfaction / complaints)

Proven methodology

MeetingMonitor has developed a practical method that provides insight into the different parts of your service. We generate both qualitative and quantitative feedback in four different areas: Overall experience, valuation of specific services and aspects, value and importance. </ span>

Through our step-by-step method, we will set you up quickly and efficiently towards a structural feedback procedure for your conference and event business. Collecting feedback data is an important process, but it should not require too much of your attention. You want to be able to focus on the contact with your customer and translate the results into actions and opportunities!

Committed and customized

No organization is the same. That is why we do not believe in standard surveys. We approach every assignment from a blank canvas. We start from the vision and values ​​of your organization, link them to your objectives and our expertise. This is how we co-create the most suitable surveys for your organization.

We take care of the rest, from preparation to implementation and feedback. </ p>

We guarantee you our very committed guidance, support and service. And we are available 24/7 for support.